PetSafe Yard & Park Remote Trainer

63627_PT1._AC_SL1500_V1448660743_PALM BEACH, FL.  I had recently moved to a new home in Trailwood development in Jupiter, FL and needed to retrain my 6 year old Black Lab on where to go to the bathroom.  He had free run of the yard at our old home so it has been an adjustment.  In the back of our home we have a concrete pool deck and our dog seem to think that going to the bathroom on the concrete is ok.  I have tried all positive reinforcement training you can think of but decided after 9 months of trying without success to break of the old Pet Safe Yard Park Remote Trainer we used to train him when he was a puppy.  When I tried to use it the controller did not work.   I decided to replace the battery and not give in and just get a new one.  The battery cost $29.95 on Amazon and I ordered it as opposed to just buying another PetSafe Yard Park Trainer for $139.95.   I removed 9 screws, unplugged the old battery Nittnay20160608_135137and plugged in the new one and presto it works fine now.  Blog reminder the path of lease resistance may seem like the be best one but it is also most likely the costly one.

Hopefully soon I will be able to update that it worked and the retraining was successful!

20160531_175343 20160531_175348

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