Jason Bloom talks DIY projects and how they can improve home value in Jupiter & Palm Beach

Accounting for Costs in DIY Is Vital to a successful project especially in Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach DIY with Jason BloomWEST PALM BEACH, FL Over the years Jason Bloom has done many DIY (Do it Yourself) projects including in Jupiter and West Palm Beach including bathroom tile, screen porches, showers, cabinets, painting, irrigation, electrical, etc.  Many of the projects have went well and turned out to be a significant cost savings.  A few, on the other hand, cost more than if a professional had been hired as learning as you are doing can be costly.  That being said, I a huge proponent of DIY projections.

Jason Bloom’s Tips For DIY:

  1. Understand the full scope of what you are doing before you start demolition.  I know from personal experience once you start demo it is too late to take it back and you will spend many nights and weekends finishing a project that you thought was a good idea at the time.  Make sure you really have the time to complete the project before you start it!
  2. Create a budget before you start the project and compare it to quotes by professionals who can complete the same work.  It is important to account for all costs and audit any unforeseen expenses.  Sometimes you will find it is less expensive to hire something out as the contractor already has the tools, equipment, and cost savings for materials that are not available to you.
  3. Make sure verify you do not need permits for the work you are performing.  Code enforcement showing up at your door stopping the project and imposing penalties and fees is not the time you want to realize you needed  a permit do that job.
  4. If you are not sure how to do something check out the internet first (or find a friend that does).  These resources  include youtube for instructional videos. These resources can help immensely as you can visually see different techniques for task completion.
  5. Research, Research, Research...this is where consulting a contractor first can come in handy to get a quote so they can point you in the right direction for what products and job scope you may have.
  6. Make sure you have the basic skills and physical capabilities to do it.  If you can’t hammer a nail it is probably best not to install that new wood floor.

A few projects that can be done on a DIY basis that have the potential to create a lot of value include:

  1. Flooring – Tile and Wood Flooring can be a great value add and can be installed by most determined DIYers.
  2. New Front Door
  3. New Garage Door
  4. Insulation Upgrades
  5. Replacing Light Switches, Ceiling Fans, and Electrical Outlets (Make sure the breaker is off)
  6. Sprinklers and Irrigation
  7. Landscaping
  8. Painting (This can be a huge cost savings and most people can do it without an issue.)
  9. Retiling your Bathroom (Sometimes you can make your bathroom look like a Palm Beach Resort Suite and others like the rest stop restroom.  You need to make sure you take your time and do it right the first time!)
  10. Repairing a minor roof leak.

A few projects completed recently.

You can save money and add value to your home by DIY so good luck!

Author: Jason Bloom, in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and all of Palm Beach County


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