Jason Bloom with some money saving tips for Palm Beach County Credit Card Users…

Palm Beach & Jupiter Residents can save money on their everyday spending with cash rewards credit cards.

In the Palm Beaches and Jupiter, FL as well as most other areas in the United States everyone is looking for ways to save money and gain returns on their investments.  Auditing your finances in Palm Beach and looking at how you spend your money can make a huge difference in how much you can save.  Using a cashback credit card is one way, if utilized properly, to gain 2% or more on almost everything you purchase

Everyone focuses on gaining returns on their investments.  Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, CD’s, CDARS, and Savings accounts are a few investment options everyone looks at when determining how to invest their money.  Although I am admittedly far from an investment expert I had a few ideas on how everyone could grow their personal  wealth with a few simple steps.  Many people are always looking at the Amex rewards programs, sky miles, and complicated rewards cards that give you 5% on gas, 2% on groceries etc. I believe a straightforward cash back card can sometimes be the best solution.

citi-double-cash-credit-card-jason-bloom-cfoLooking from a personal perspective and working as your homes Chief Financial Officer (CFO) one can obtain the 2% Cash Back Rewards card from Citibank as an example.  There are no annual fees and you receive 1% cash back on upon purchase and 1% cash back upon payment for a 2% cash back on everything you buy each month.  Obviously if you are not paying the card off monthly or there are surcharges above 2% to use it the 2% will mean little when paying the interest rates on the cards or additional surcharges.  If someone is using this card daily for all day to day purchases of gas, cell phone, cable, telephone, groceries, day care, etc it can add up quickly.

A few examples below.  If a family spends $1,000 / month on day care and the facility allows payment via credit card without surcharges you can earn $240 / year in cashback by utilizing the card each month.  If you apply this to your cell phone bill, cable bill, groceries, gas, and other expenses you can see how it can add up fast.  Gaining a 2% return on your expenses as well as your savings can add up quickly.

Most companies like DirecTV, Comcast, Verizon Wireless, all allow credit card payments without a surcharge.  If you are buying it anyways why not get the 2% cash back.

A few of the best offers in 2016 are reviewed below:

Best Cash Back Credit Cards

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