Great Report by the Weather Channel on the Toxic Algae Bloom


This article is on the Toxic Algae Bloom created from the phosphorus in the water leading to a toxic algae bloom along the coast lines.  Anyone not living in a cave is most likely somewhat aware of the issue affecting Palm Beach and other Coastal counties.  It is a good read on environmental impacts, politics, business, and how it can impact the Palm Beaches and the rest of Florida.


December 7, 2016

By Marcus Stern, with Kait Parker and Spencer Wilking

jason-bloom-toxic-algae-bloom-plumeline-coffee-900x0-c-defaultCLEWISTON, Fla. – For months during 2016, plumes of toxic algae turned South Florida’s emerald waters the color of coffee and smothered its inlets under a fetid blanket of guacamole-green goop that killed off fish, suffocated oyster beds and triggered a ferocious outcry from coastal residents.

From NBC’s “Today Show” to The Daily Telegraph of London, news outlets chronicled the closing of beaches, the declaration of a state of emergency and the desperate, heart-breaking efforts of people using garden hoses to save manatees, affectionately known as sea cows, caked in toxic slime and struggling to breathe……

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